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12 Seater Minibus Hire Cambridge And 14 Seat Minibus Hire

12 Seater Minibus Hire Cambridge And 14 Seat Minibus Hire

These minibuses accommodate 12 to 14 passengers and are factory-fitted with up-to-date of features to ensure both passengers' safety when. Because we value reliability, each of our vehicles is consistently inspected, particularly because of the challenges associated with driving on the range of different streets surfaces of Cambridge and its surrounding towns. These specially selected minibuses accommodate medium-sized groups who need to be transported over short and long distances. Regardless of the amount of time taken for the trip, passengers are assured of a comfortable ride, whether it be in the busy city centre or in the quieter roadways in the countryside outside Cambridge. Prior to commencing any journey, each vehicle is checked by highly trained staff in our workshop. Each vehicle must be in tip top condition and working order before any passenger embarks and it takes to the road.

We, at Coach Hire Cambridge, recommend our 12 to 14 seat minibuses for small or medium sized groups, or smaller groups with a lot of luggage. These quality vehicles are geared to offer passengers with every comfort while on board. These are the perfect vehicles for attending any type of event, from a rugby or football match, hen or wedding parties or book club excursions. this category of mini bus in our extensive fleet is ideal for event transport, from weddings to soccer matches. Our friendly and skilled customer support team will pay attention to every detail of your needs, ensuring that every element of your trip is properly taken care of.

Minibus Hire Cambridge does not include all-purpose vans for our fleet because they wear out quickly because of daily use, but procure only bespoke minibuses with quality interiors and finishes for passenger transport. In addition, and because our fleet is large, we rotate older vehicles so that they can be properly maintained. This enables us to sustain the highest standards for our vehicles and provide the best possible passenger experience to our customers. The air-conditioning in each minibus is fully adjustable which facilitates environmental control inside each vehicle.

Because these vehicles have ample space for luggage and personal belongings as well as moving about these medium-sized minibuses are perfect for small groups and family gatherings. An added advantage is the stress of convoy-type driving with a number of different drivers getting tired, or missing turnings. With everyone travelling together with one of our professional drivers, safely make memories and bond with your family and travelling companions. One of the benefits of this style of travel is that a designated driver is available to drive ensure that you and your mates get home after a night of shopping or partying or, alternatively, take you safely from one party venue to another as you enjoy a taste of this university city's night life. After a fun night, and a long day, our driver will make sure that you are all transported safely to your accommodation.

One of the challenges experienced by visitor to Cambridge and its surrounding villages is the vagaries of the traffic issues associated with navigating in and through densely populated sections of town. At Coach Hire Cambridge, we pride ourselves in the fact that each of our drivers of the 12 and 14 seat minibuses is highly experienced in negotiating their way around Cambridge, particularly in heavy traffic. Best of all, once you've experienced the heart of the city, they will also show you those special off-the-beaten-track spots only the locals know about. This gives all our customers and their passengers the time they need to be in the moment, making memories because they are in the safe hands of professional, competent drivers.

Whatever your query, our friendly and trained customer care staff are available 24 hours' a day, every day of the year, and welcome your call. Alternatively, enquire about what we have to offer, via our online system and we will gladly help you put together a package that will meet your requirements. These minibuses that take 12 to 14, have plenty offer to both business and leisure travellers alike who wish to enjoy in Cambridge with its broad range of historical attractions and other amenities. Passengers can rest assured that they are in capable hands Coach Hire Cambridge professionally takes care of all transport needs.

Coach Hire Cambridge looks forward to assisting with your travel and transport plans and driving your guests soon.