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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Cambridge

Should you need to have a number of vehicles, Coach Hire Cambridge's teams and drivers will manage the schedule and coordinate with each other so that you and your passengers are free to attend to your business or just plain have fun. We at Coach Hire Cambridge, are pleased to provide a top notch transport service for passengers all over Cambridge, East Anglia and the UK. So, ride through Cambridge and the surrounding countryside in one of our vehicles selected for your personal use and be sure that to have an excellent experience.

Cambridge Coach Hire

Our teams work with customers to make sure that you receive the most favourable rates and optimum conveniences in whatever vehicle you choose. Choosing one of our coaches means that you can spend time with your people moving from place to place, while not having to worry about traffic or parking issues. Our knowledgeable and skilled drivers are experienced at coping with the congested streets of Cambridge and will make sure you get from point to point safely and on time.

Our friendly sales staff are the epitome of courtesy and professionalism and have a keen understanding of the coach traveller's needs. They will be delighted to put together whatever it is that you need when you are in Cambridge. An excellent track record, coupled with continuous staff training, from those in the workshop to our account managers and more importantly, our professional drivers makes us confident that Coach Hire Cambridge is the best placed to meet all your coach travel requirements. So, whatever advice and guidance you need, our experts will customise a fleet and develop the best itinerary for you. You would think that all this personal attention has a hefty price, but that is not the case, because our competitive pricing makes Coach Hire Cambridge the best option.

Best Rates For Coaches

We provide coaches at rates that can't be beaten by other rental players in Cambridge, especially as we are happy to tailor make packages to suit your budget. Our coaches range from 20 to 57 seaters, so there is always a suitable coach regardless of the size of the group. Each of our coaches is equipped with quality features, from adjustable, plush seating with spacious overhead luggage space.

Our professional and courteous staff also specialise in guided tours around beautiful Cambridge and East Anglia if you'd prefer to have your own personalised tour. At Coach Hire Cambridge, our goal is to ensure we deliver to every one of our customers, the best service Cambridge has to offer, so we have built a business in which our fleet is routinely inspected, and vehicles are regularly rotated out to avoid unnecessary mechanical problems that would only inconvenience our customers adding to the price tag.

Recommended Travel Providers

If you have any concerns about our ability to deliver, do take a look at the customer feedback or better still, give our services a go: we are more than ready and willing to show you why our services are the best in Cambridge and broader Cambridgeshire area.

Our management team is always working on improving the passenger experience and passing on any savings to you, the customer. Contact Coach Hire Cambridge with any queries about our coach services.

Minibus Hire

Minibuses are an excellent, smaller substitute to our larger coaches and are ideal for the lone passenger with lots of luggage or for small groups. Our minibuses have a selection of seating and facility choices depending on customers' requests and their budget constraints. So, if you have a mid-sized group for a day tour, our 18 seat minibus is an excellent option for students visiting places for their studies at University of Cambridge and for a family holiday, the 8-seater would be perfect.

Reliable Minibus Taxis

Discuss your itinerary and vehicle requirements with our team which works with clients to ascertain both the category of vehicle and the type of experience you want to have in Cambridge area. If your company or family budget does not accommodate all the luxuries and mod cons, we can offer you a choice of reliable minibuses. These have just the essential comforts including air conditioning as well as radio entertainment. So sit back, relax and watch the world go by, sit back in the reclining seats, and stretch out your legs.

Whether it is an executive minibus or the economical yet comfortable option that you choose, they are all carefully checked and using the most up to date equipment to ensure that they conform to all safety standards. All vehicles have GPS systems and a communications facility so that our team can stay in touch with drivers and passengers. Our service is our promise, so we are committed to accommodating all our client's wishes, and we take on board any recommendations or concerns they might have. As a leader in the transport business in Cambridge, we are confident that we have the best selection of minibus services in the area.

Luxury Minibus Hire

Luxury minibuses with tinted windows that have more exclusive and modern features such as mini fridges, conference tables are also available. These vehicles are suited to business and private groups alike that are looking for discretion and confidentiality. These minibuses are also a good option for family groups: with a driver, everyone can spend quality time together and because you have one of our competent drivers, no one has to miss out on the scenery or the confer, and families can enjoy some real quality time.

We know that busy, congested roads are hazardous, as can long expeditions into the country especially is there is a possibility of anything going wrong. We are aware that passengers have these worries, so the Coach Hire Cambridge has set standards for each team member so that all aspects of your minibus experience is handled professionally and efficiently. So be sure to ask our team for any information you might want about the vehicles that will be at your disposal.

Experienced Minibus Drivers

Our drivers, like our vehicles, must be compliant with all the appropriate UK standards and certification and must be compliant before they drive any vehicle in our fleet. All our team members enjoy working with us and are committed to providing the professional service that can only exceed your expectations. All our drivers are committed to providing you and your party with a quality experience with the personal touch.

From our own experience, we know that planning the transport aspects of any trip can be a major challenge, so the Minibus Hire Cambridge our team is committed to ensuring your trip is well planned and will to guarantee there are no unnecessary interruptions. Contact Minibus Hire Cambridge today, either via our online system, or by telephone, and let us provide you with the best minibus service available.

Our Transport Services

Cambridge can be dated back to prehistoric times, and this unique university town offers everything from museums, fascinating architecture to academic experiences. Cambridge and our company welcome visitors from everywhere in the world who come to the festivals and events. All visitors have one thing in common and that finding the best mode of transport to do it all, especially if they are travelling in groups.

Vehicles For Any Event

This is where Coach Hire Cambridge comes in: we are at your service. Our fleet of well maintained minibuses, small coaches and full sized coaches enables us to cater to every need. All our professional drivers are highly skilled and because most of them are locals, have immense knowledge of the area. They are adept at getting you and their vehicles through the worst of traffic snarl-ups. Manage your stress by letting Coach Hire Cambridge handle your transport needs, ensuring that you get to every stop on time, knowing that in the event of a traffic snarl-up or inclement weather, your driver knows his vehicle and the best route to get you to your next appointment on time.

Small To Large Minibuses

Coach Hire Cambridge prides itself in having a fleet of assorted vehicles so that we can satisfy any group's desires when they come to Cambridge. It is easy to provide a small 8 seater minibus for your small group and their luggage or an enormous 57-seater coach for the in-bound rugby squad on a tour of England. Inbound travel groups can hire any size vehicle for just a day, or for a longer journey up north, or just around the county. Whatever vehicle you choose, they come standard with mod cons and conveniences such as atmospheric control, adjustable and reclining leather seats as well as music systems and LCD televisions. Large, comfortable seats and wide aisles mean that it's easy to move around the bus and to swap seats with fellow passengers without getting into your neighbour's space. Relax, sit back with you legs stretched out and let us see you to your destination safe and sound.

Executive Private Hire

For the corporate and executive business traveller, we are delighted to provide minibuses that are equipped with conference tables and electric points which enable them to work between meetings and keep productivity by staying in touch with the office while travelling around Cambridge. Equally, our fleet can accommodate educational groups, whether of young children of school going age, or groups of older people who are pursuing more esoteric interests. Our qualified drivers and our vehicles comply with all the requirements, so schools and other public institutions regularly use our minibuses and coaches for excursions. Our professional drivers leave teachers and group leaders free to work with their pupils and manage their groups.

Practical Travel Solutions

It's not just schools, businesses and organisations that use the services of Coach Hire Cambridge. We have numerous private customers who make use of our minibuses and coaches for special and family events, from weddings to funerals. Milestone life events, or just a group of mates going to an annual sporting derby, we have a vehicle for you. Just get in contact with our friendly sales team and explain what you need. They will come up with an affordable and practical solution to your transport challenge. Organising transport for these events can be a logistical nightmare, so let us take this weight off your shoulders. Whether it is a single minibus or a fleet of coaches that must pick people up at different places at different times, our team will organise this. All your guests, even those who change their plans will be transported safely and on time to your event.

Full Range Of Features

Because our vehicles are equipped with GPS systems, our control rooms monitor them at all times and can communicate any delays because of weather or traffic. They are flexible and know their way around and can adapt to any situation, as well as having the ability to step in during an emergency.

Minibuses can accommodate between 8 to 18 passengers features can include leather seating, toilets, reclining seats, etc.

The staff and management of Coach Hire Cambridge are all committed to going the extra mile to ascertain that every customer receives the highest quality service in a vehicle that is in tip top condition. Just let us know what your specifications are, and we will arrange to make sure you are at the airport in loads of time for your departing flight. We look forward to welcoming you back to Cambridge!

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