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17 Seater Minibus Hire Cambridge And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 Seater Minibus Hire Cambridge And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire Cambridge has, for many years, been providing clients with a top notch service and diverse fleet of minibuses. These are more spacious than the smaller vehicles and well suited for those customers who find that the more compact, minibuses do not meet their needs. Produced to the highest build specification and very dependable, these little buses will transport medium- to larger groups of passengers. Because there is plenty of luggage space, there is ample storage for personal belongings and suitcases.

So, if you and your group needs just a little more legroom or if you have to add passengers to the group, our 18-seater option would be the perfect solution. With a roomy interior, they are still elegantly neat, making it easy for our professional drivers to navigate their way through the clogged streets of Cambridge streets quickly and safely while you are relaxing in comfort. All our18 seat minibuses have all the conveniences you would expect on the 17-seater. We at Coach Hire Cambridge secure only the best-built vehicles, and the maintenance programme applies only the most reliable replacement parts to guarantee to safely extend the lifespan of our vehicles, but our customers do not have to be concerned about unanticipated breakdowns. In our workshops, our highly-trained technicians keep our fleet in peak condition so that nothing unfortunate happens when we have passengers on board.

Among the Minibus Hire Cambridge's 17-seater minibuses is a choice of styles guaranteed to satisfy any customer's needs. Specially designed for easy travelling, they are custom fitted with every comfort including leather reclining seats, LCD televisions, and tables. Whether or not you consider these to be basics, they are included with the package and available for your use. This means that our 17 and 18 seater minibuses are an outstanding choice for holding meetings or unwinding as you move between appointments or head for your destination. Our customer service team is at your service and will happily assist you with your individual requirements.

Customer and passenger safety is focal to everything we do at Coach Hire Cambridge and is most important when travelling at speed along a highway or in heavy traffic at peak times. Similarly, there can be the usual dangers when travelling through the country in bad weather, so all vehicles are furnished with seatbelts and ABS brakes. Similarly, for those times when a there is a calamity, we are prepared: each coach and minibus has a GPS system so that our control room can monitor and track vehicles at all time. Our drivers can connect with the operations team should they need help and our specialist response team will be sent to take attend to you and your passengers.

Coach Hire Cambridge is always working to meet our customers' needs and improve our, so your feedback is vital to us. When you book with Coach Hire Cambridge, know that it is your experience, so you give the instructions and set the programme, and we do the rest. Our minibus rental service makes tours around Cambridge a dream, with simple and uncomplicated contracts. We specialise in happy customers, and because we offer the really competitive packages, we are certain you will appreciate why Coach Hire Cambridge is up there with the best.