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35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

35 and 36 Seat Coach Hire Cambridge

Experience Cambridge on one of the 35 or 36 seater coaches in our fleet. These coaches which have sufficient space for personal belongings. Passengers can sit back and relax on stylish seats that recline and listen to their favourite music on.

These mid-sized coaches are an excellent option for school class outings and sports squads. They have ample space for luggage and the extra kit that sportsman have, and they have ample space in which to do that last bit of pre-game strategy. Teachers will be free to brief their pupils about the destination and on the way back to school, can have discussions about the day's experience and set the class on their way to their next projects. Our professional drivers are all properly vetted and are committed to getting you to your appointment on time and also safely back home.

You are welcome to use our coach rental service for local Cambridge events as well as functions that take place further afield. We have a mid-sized fleet that enables you to select coaches for private get-togethers or company events. Because privacy is valued by many of our customers, we will provide selected individual drivers for those clients whose business is particularly delicate.

Alternatively, if you wish to select your own driver, just provide us with his/her details and their credentials, and once vetted, and he/she meets our standards, the selected coach will be handed over. Because all our staff and providers must adhere to the utmost levels of professional conduct, we pride ourselves in doing business with individuals and companies that share our value system.

Our professional drivers are highly trained so that they can easily navigate their way around Cambridge, and they are constantly on the look-out for new and safer routes. Choosing Cambridge Coach Hire guarantees that one of our top drivers will chauffeur you around Cambridge, making sure you get to every point on your itinerary. Because we appreciate the challenges associated with managing groups, we at Cambridge Coach Hire will accept this responsibility so that you can focus on your guests, ensuring that they have fun.

At Cambridge Coach Hire, we appreciate that there can be inevitable delays often beyond the control of anyone, for example, mechanical problems, traffic, accidents, driver illness, diversions, adverse weather, etc. Should anything like this happen, all our vehicles have GPS navigation systems and tracking systems to allow the driver to change routes easily and if necessary, a quick response from our team or the emergency services.

There is an extensive range of styles and finishes in our fleet of coaches, so there will be one to suit all customers, locals and visitors, alike. If prospective clients have any special requests, our team will gladly channel them to our specialists who will procure the optimum coach. If you have any unexpected changes to your programme, you simply advise us in advance. At Coach Hire Cambridge, our team takes pride in being able to respond quickly to what it is our customer needs, even at short notice.

Coach Hire Cambridge is committed to providing the best coach service and experience in Cambridge, confident that our competition will not be able to us in terms of both affordability and quality. To book, make use of our online system or ring our agents who are waiting to take the stress out of managing the transport you need for your trip.